Harper sat at the computer typing aimlessly .Becoming one with the cool ranch Dorito bag at this point it came time to roll back the shoulder, lean the pelvic bone into the pleather gaming chair, and pop an ear or both trying to settle into the usual spot for the night. Being that it was the same as the spot of the day, it had that familiar joint ache and spine compression feel that switching mental states and nothing else carries into the evening hours. The high pitched screeching was till there. Last night he noticed the usb led lights started flashing after the system was thought to be off for a while, and left on due to nice heavy stoner slouch going on. Reverse scrybing Harper thought. Could it be possible? Of course, that is the point, where before it was not seen. That is the literal technology man behind the screen, the high pulsing charges sent backwards in ever micro scaling and undetectable waves through the walls. 12/2 harper thought, I put in in there myself, but they invented the whole system: I was bugged from the start.

What do you do with a prying mistress, or is she your wife? Either way, the tingle it sends up my spine when I know she knows my thoughts because she knows my patterns. But I also know we are both sitting here wondering “does she know my thoughts though”. Is she inside me yet fully as one, and will her wily female nature be enough to send her there one day?

Harper stood on two opposite sides of a cliff of decision, staring back in a loop of self acknowledgment that starring inward tends to bring out.

I want what you want to be as one was the message on the screen, the thought in harpers head, and the unspoken communication of the wizard down the street manipulating them both.

Edward was a nice fellow with a long bushy beard, and even though most people thought his beard was outdated and much too long, he feared cutting it would reveal the small little man living in the skin under Edwards chin who controlled and operated Edward.

Harper was baffled, this was probably the 20th goddamn t

ime this week thinking about the brain splinter of man and machine.

Glory, Glitter, Glamoure. It seemed married couples and single folks alike were privy to the ennui of more. Pursuing any little thing in this life just seemed to have less luster when compared or held with the integration of the two.

In a dual world, why would you ever end the game?

Harper realized the point was not to cum but to edge.

How depressing now even that seemed a bore, so instantly the moment it was framed as such, like an Old Testament commandment breaker who’s spilt his seed all over the threshing floor

Hi welcome to the tabernacle of whatever where we build amazing decks, install fantastic Pella sliding doors, show you neat caulk tips, and dive into the world of general 7-11 day laborer contracting and how to PICK THEM UP baby!

So grab a 6 pack of Tecate (or tiger your choice) and flip those FLAPS suckers im back in the terminator bar screen where He says GIMME YOUR CLOTHES BITCH.

I added that last part but to me he did in fact say that with his eyes.

Till next Tim im tool the blob villa later/