Show me a trick or something like that.

I opened up my eyes, Jared Ave the street said, he had never before.  The message of the entire ordeal came through in an instant.

Look he said to himself, i see them now, i SEE THEM.

for years i only knew the cold step, the fraction of an inch thick rubber distance between myself and just a touch of their soul" was his second thought.

a slight ennui set into a distracting boredom, becuase where else is there to go when the road of mystery runs out.

"the road of mystery?" "what is that supposed to mean?"

Harrold was the cross street, and unfortunatley for Mr. Jared Ave, Harrold had seen it all.

After the war of 1892 a very young Harrold was brought in by some large men in dark dress who didn't speak much, but all worked in tandem, and briskly.

Jared had no idea about Harrold's mysterious past involving helping these G men pave over that which was no longer needed, 

By now Harrold cared not for this world, and certainly did not care to coddle young Jared, even though Jared was sitting there like a little child just gotten the wind knocked out of them for the first time playing red rover with the caul de sac kids. 

"Lift your hands", Harrold finally released a half strained, half grunt. He just wanted Jared to know he was slightly annoyed that he had to say something.

"Li..wha.....Lift my what? I DON'T HAVE HANDS!"  

He was shouting for the first time.

it was at this point, Harrold had a huge come to jebus moment and a spark went off in his head, "this might actually be fun"




SO WAS TELLING YOU EARLIER, it wasn't a setup. I walked in there stark naked like a newborn baby you couldn't find any on me since last Tuesday.

I'm no insufferable lunatic im tryina be the smart one, you know the sane one. I smuggle from time to time. I mean especially now were out of beta with these upgraded Amazapple G Coins they are NOT easy to come by off market, and the DigiDiesel fees, not to mention the Tesla Toots you need to byself any metaQ converts down the chain are astronomical. 

Speaking of which, this whole Mars getting closer thing, I don't buy it. It's total bullshit to me like its just obvious, I can't understand why everyone doesn't see it. I mean you see it right? That thing is up there every day getting bigger, it's coming this way. No doubt about it and you got all these wet noodle little jellyboys and fishfingers out here going "ahhhh no its just dust in the atmostphere" like how bout you just get a custom japanese pecker shaped watermelon and ram it down your throauxt you know!? Shake my nuts.

Hey let's stop in to bog's bip Boy and grab a Lemonparty

Oh buddy look over there you see that guy there digging through the lithium bins, pff. He's probably looking for separators. Hate to see it.

Why can't everyone just take the Initial Gain Offering? We did it, maybe you should think about it,

I know you have a lot going on at school, come to think of it I never really asked you...ah whats the point I was a kid too, it sucked, whatever you just get over it.  My mom was such, she was a literral saint, I'm telling you I would come home from school and she just knew, she knew what to do. She put me to work.

And you know what, look how I turned out, I'm doing ok.


After we eat let's get on a Meta-Soft live gen tonight and see what the Kalifornum has for us! I can't wait!


I'm happy, I'm ok. Somehow, regardless of whats going on around me, I'm living the god damn DREAM!