The air is frigid, requiring punctuation that moves an speeds that seem to only relent under the perfectly calculated circumstances that only the heart of darkness could ever stray.

Speak to me


Speak to me

I write and writhe and scratch and gnaw at the arms that used to hold the hope of the world in my tiny little palms that were sticky from the sins i had wrought.

I sweat to the best of the 80 somethings realizing they are on the way out. Last years fashin is this years spelling errors.




Spend and spin and mend in bile that moved so freely after the poisoon

Spelling is no longer important

We have given even the easiest method of sounding not dumb and we fuck it all up

SEND IN THE CLOWNS TO TAKE MY TEMP AGAIN. I don’t think I am gonma make it momma….I don’t think im gonma make it. That is twick now see my brian is brakin sown lok.

Bitchin tunes dude

Nic show

Sik set

Great show

Can i get the singers @?

When is the next show? Will he have his dick outta his shirt and his heart on his dick and a hat on the dick. What you do is good. You ate good. You dont have to be enought for anyoj ole hounddawg pieng all the time. This character has to stop and be stopped and shopped and mugged for the money that he sold hos sould for

Sniff amd tear and scruum for a relief, a release, ur disease is not real. Cancer amd aids and all other things of that sort are all internet pre internet

For godfuk steak, tell me the best free plugins of 2016

My glasses make me see

I wish they could break and i could get new ones but i have been to the doctor witce to get yhe perscipt and i still havent dont it.

Goodlick everybody else

Gonna crash now.

Into the ocean end it all

Into the ocean wnd it all

Into the ocean ine it all

Get bent by the most high,

Sage Lord

P.s. if u see a man in all red tell him he better watch his back. The slime is oozing.